Amanda Dalton, Head of Engagement at Royal Exchange Theatre

“Until very recently I was Tracie’s manager at the Royal Exchange, having employed her as the theatre’s Community Programme leader in 2014.  We worked particularly closely on a complex, two year community programme with the theatre artist Mark Storor and participants from three vulnerable communities, culminating in a major performance piece in the main theatre.  Quite simply, we could not have achieved this project without Tracie’s tireless work and management. Tracie is an exceptional community worker and facilitator. She builds a warm and empathetic relationship with participants and is highly responsible and sensitive to the complex needs and situations of many of the vulnerable people she enables and supports.  She also has a strong sense of humour which I have always greatly appreciated!” 


Phil Lukes, Cultural Lead at One Manchester Housing Association

“I have worked with Tracie on creative projects since 2015, in her capacity as Community Engagement Coordinator with the Royal Exchange Theatre, and a founder of the Hulme Sweet Hulme Project, and have found her to be a reliable and committed partner.  In our work together on projects to engage communities in arts and culture, Tracie has shown herself to be resourceful, creative and structured in her approach and is always sensitive to the needs of participants.  With her support our participants have developed in confidence to the point where they are able to produce and perform pieces of theatre to invited audiences.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Tracie in the future and recommend her as a partner of choice.”

 Project participant

“Tracie came into my life with the ‘On Top of the World’ at a time I felt at the bottom. I was in the mental health system and only saw myself as such. Tracie is persistent tenacious and challenging and I will never forget her for it or ever be able to thank her enough through the project I learned I am more than a diagnosis and I deserve to be heard. I have achieved dreams that were inconceivable at the beginning. Truly Tracie not only changes lives, she changes communities. Her skills in working with hard to reach communities and making art relevant to people, shines through where other agencies have failed on many occasions. Tracie is a catalyst for positive change.”